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Explore the Radical Listening process, values, and the context in which it was developed

Practice three “layers” of listening: becoming present, listening to another, and listening to a group as a whole

Apply skills of Radical Listening in your own context

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Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Course

Video: Welcome to course

Resource: Download worksheet

Reading: Meet Health In Harmony

Discussion: Introduce Yourself

Radical Listening Process

Video: Radical Listening Process

Case Study: Gunung Palung National Park

Reading: How is it Different from Other Listening Practices

Discussion: Values and Reflections

Media: Layers of Listening

Becoming Present

Video: Becoming Present for Listening

Reading: Listening to Our Senses

Activity: Being Present Drinking Tea

Discussion: Reflections on Becoming Present

Listening to Another

Video: Listening So That the Speaker Feels Listened to

Reading: Listening with Your Whole Body

Activity: Listen to an individual

Discussion: Reflections on Listening to an Individual

Listening to the Group as a Whole

Video: Listening to a Group as a Whole

Case Study: Radical Listening in Manombo Forest

Activity: Listen to a Group as a Whole

Discussion: Reflections

What’s Next

Video: Continue the Journey to Radical Listening

Activity: Join the Acumen Academy Community

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"What I love about Radical Listening is that I don’t need to know what is best for the world. I can start listening to collective wisdom and *it* will tell me what is best."

Ling Thio,

Radical Listener Trainer

Course Description

Are you ready to pause, be quiet, and deeply listen to the world around you? This course is for anyone working in social and/or environmental impact who wants guidance on how to improve listening to build trust and develop meaningful solutions together with local communities.

This course is a partnership with Health In Harmony which developed the Radical Listening process, replicated it across continents, and have shown its impact on the well-being of people and our planet.

The skills explored in this course are designed to help you truly listen to the local communities you partner with. However, these skills can also help you listen to other groups– like your customers, employees, stakeholders, or family.

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Ling Thio
Radical Listener Trainer
Kinari Webb, MD
Founder of Health in Harmony


Ling Thio
Radical Listener Trainer
Kinari Webb, MD
Founder of Health in Harmony

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