You’ll learn

How entrepreneurial solutions can sustainably solve complex problems of poverty

How Acumen uses Patient Capital, a philanthropy-backed approach to impact investing, to support social entrepreneurs in increasing impact and achieving financial sustainability

Key lessons from Acumen’s 20 years of investing Patient Capital to serve more than 440M people across the globe

How to think like an impact investor who prioritizes impact and apply learnings in a “Deal or No Deal” exercise

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Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Course


Course Logistics

Introduce Yourself

Introduction to Impact Investing and Patient Capital

Tackling Poverty

Impact Investing, Charity, and Commercial Investing

Investing Where It is Needed

Patient Capital: Prioritizing Impact to Solve Challenges

EthioChicken and the Role of Patient Capital

Investing for Impact

Global Conversation: Impact v/s Financial Returns

Lessons and Challenges of Patient Capital

An Overview of 20 Years of Patient Capital

Lesson #1: Listening to Customers’ Needs and Preferences

Lesson #2: We Cannot Expect Poor Customers to Bear All Costs

Lesson #3: We Can Build More Equitable Markets

Lesson #4: Understanding Risks

Lesson #5: Financially Sustainable Solutions to Poverty are Possible

Global Conversation: Acceptable Risks and Impact Goals

Deal or No Deal?

Introduction to “Deal or No Deal”

The Potential Investment

Your Turn: Deal or No Deal?

Global Conversation: Your Decision

The Reveal: Acumen’s Decision

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"We firmly believe that impact investing as a sector can do better—if more funds allocate capital to where it is most needed, rather than to where it is safest.”

Jacqueline Novogratz,

Acumen Founder and CEO

Course Description

While there’s been explosive growth in capital and investors promising to “do well by doing good”, the world’s progress on critical problems remains slow. To solve our world’s greatest challenges, we need to push the boundaries of what is possible – fueled by the urgency of putting impact first while being grounded in the patience to see it through.

That’s where Patient Capital steps in.

Learn how Patient Capital, Acumen’s philanthropy-backed approach to impact investing, is a revolutionary approach to prioritizing impact. With 20 years of experience investing $115 million in 123 companies across the globe and enhancing more than 440 million lives, Acumen shares its successes, challenges, and key lessons learned.

You’ll walk away with insights on how to deploy capital creatively to invest where it is needed — not merely where it is safe.

*The content draws from Acumen’s Patient Capital Report, which we recommend diving into after this course to learn more. *

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Amrita Bhandari
Chief of Insights and Strategy, Acumen
Daniel Waldron
Head of Insights, Acumen


Amrita Bhandari
Chief of Insights and Strategy, Acumen
Daniel Waldron
Head of Insights, Acumen

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