Learn how the social enterprise, Uninhibited:

Identified anchoring values to drive decision-making and unite its team

Defined working norms to enhance productivity and achieve short-term goals

Created rituals to reinforce the enterprise’s culture and enhance a sense of belonging

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to the Course and Uninhibited

Meet Dilip & his organization, Uninhibited

Reflect: What organizational culture means

Case Study Part 1: A Challenge Arises

Read and watch: The challenges Uninhibited faced

Reflect: Organizational culture challenges you face

Case Study Part 2: Defining Culture as a Response

Read and watch: How Uninhibited aligned on their values

Read and watch: How Uninhibited defined working norms

Read and watch: How Uninhibited created rituals

Reflect: Take stock of the components of your own organizational culture

Take Your First Step

Create a plan for an initial conversation with your team in building or strengthening your organizational culture.

Change Your View Of The World

Draw inspiration from thought-provoking readings, videos, and reflections.

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"We continued to thrive during COVID because we stayed connected, motivated, & communicated as often as possible. Rituals gave us the space to acknowledge our fears and anxieties.”

Sakshi Srivastava,

Governance Manager

Course Description

A social enterprise’s identity is shaped not only by its work, but also by its teams and the culture that binds them together. A team culture driven by values enhances retention, cohesiveness, and commitment among employees - which makes developing it essential for any enterprise.

In this course, you will travel with Acumen fellow, Dilip Kumar Pattubala, on his journey to define a values-aligned culture for his enterprise, Uninhibited. Witness how Dilip developed a united, resilient team - going from two to a hundred individuals - to further Uninhibited’s mission of de-stigmatizing menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health for marginalized populations in India.

You will gain insights on how to cultivate a culture that aligns with and operationalizes the mission, vision, and values of your enterprise, so that your team and partners are empowered to make values-aligned decisions and further social impact. As you learn from and with Dilip, you’ll have opportunities to reflect on your own enterprise’s culture and begin making intentional changes to strengthen it.

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Dilip Kumar Pattubala
Co-founder & CEO of Uninhibited


Dilip Kumar Pattubala
Co-founder & CEO of Uninhibited


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