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Global Fellow

Yuliya Tarasava


Yulilya was "made in USSR" which explains my accent that I embrace and my shyness that I hide. She grew up on a farm so nature is her sanctuary. At school she liked two things - reading and math which clearly defined her as a "nerd". Exploring new horizons, she moved to the USA which became my new habitat and is where I "grew up" as an individual and as a professional. The financial services sector always fascinated her, particularly its role in the economic development. So she joined the sector to understand. She acquired great skills but also disappointment and frustration. So she quit and joined Juhudi Kilimo in Kenya as a Global Fellow. That experience showed me her that financial products and services can and should be designed by people for people. After the fellowship, she started CNote which offers a high yield, high impact savings account. Don't be shy and say hi the next time you’re in San Francisco!

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