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The Foundry

We're a community of leaders daring to disrupt the status quo

The Foundry is the gathering place for alumni of Acumen Academy’s Fellowship and Accelerator programs who have excelled at the highest level, establishing themselves as the next generation of social innovators who are enacting social change and challenging the status quo. Becoming a Foundry member gains entrance to a unique set of resources: from a community of supportive peers, the opportunity for 1:1 mentorship, and the opportunity to access both social and financial capital.

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Community Connections

Members access and leverage the wealth of knowledge within the global community.

Access to Capital

Members access funding to scale the impact of Foundry-led initiatives and organizations.

Capacity Building

Members have timely access to services, advisors, mentors and/or coaches to support and accompany builders as they grow their initiatives

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Join a committed cohort of leaders intent on building an inclusive, just and sustainable world.

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Learn how to scale your business and increase your leadership impact.

Featured Foundry Members

Neel Tamhane

Daisy Rosales

Nirjhor Rahman

Pamela Guneratnam

Tsema Ede

Lina Villa

Natalie Grillon

María Guerrero Sanz

Hadiqa Bashir

Last Mafuba

Nshimirimana Tharcisse

Meet the Foundry

We have a shared understanding of impact, for the need for impact, to be able to change the problems of the world and dedicate yourself to doing so.”

Hafsah Jumare,

Founder and CEO, CoAmana

Our Programs


Leadership Program for Climate Resilience Innovators

October 2022

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Leadership Essentials for Social Innovators

October 2022


Social Impact Business Accelerator - Vietnam

September 2022