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Learn How To

Ask yourself big questions to understand your motivations for making social change

Narrow down a problem to focus on in your work or community

Identify strategies to immerse in the problem and understand opportunities for meaningful change

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Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Course

Video: Introduction by Bavidra

Discussion: Introduce Yourself to the Community

Embrace Big Questions

Video: Embrace the Big Questions

Reading: Live the Questions

Activity: Your Big Questions

Discussion: Share Your Question

Explore What Brings You to Life

Video: What Brings You to Life

Reading: Explore What Makes You Come Alive

Activity: What Brings You to Life

Discussion: Share What Drives You

Narrow Down a Problem to Focus On

Video: Narrow Down a Problem

Video: Case Study from Cheryl Goh, Grab

Activity: Problem Funnel

Discussion: Share Your Problem Statement

Take Steps Towards the Problem

Video: Take Steps Towards the Problem

Video: Community Voices

Reading: Get Proximate

Activity: Identify Your Next Steps

Discussion: Share Your Action Statement

Stay On the Path

Video: Stay on the Path

Community Voices

Activity: How Will You Sustain?

Discussion: How will You Stay on the Path?

Change Your View Of The World

Draw inspiration from thought-provoking readings, videos, and reflections.

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"Listen to that inner call pushing you to start the journey. Don’t underestimate the small steps you take, because those few music notes will later create a symphony."

Daniela Ocampo,

Creative Director and Social Impact, Amadeus Foundation

Course Description

This course is for people who may not see themselves as social entrepreneurs but who want to make a greater impact in the world.

Change is the domain of all of us. Whether you work in a small organization or a large corporation, are early in your career or retired, you have the ability to create new solutions and build a better world by immersing yourself in a problem. This course shares stories from those in the Acumen community who have forged a path to purposeful work, and we hope this will inspire you on your own journey.

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Bavidra Mohan

Acumen Academy

Cheryl Goh

Group Head of Marketing and Sustainability,

Sabrina Habib



Bavidra Mohan

Acumen Academy

Cheryl Goh

Group Head of Marketing and Sustainability,

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