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Cut through the noise in our fast-moving and chaotic world so that more people are aware of your cause, services, and innovations.

Build a compelling brand identity for your cause in five steps.

Speak the language of brands.

Conduct research to inform your branding efforts.

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Course Syllabus

Introduction to the Course

Video: Welcome to the Course

Video: Brands for Social Change

Video: What to Expect in This Course

Video: What is Branding?

Video: How Debbie Got Started in Branding

Activity: Introduce Yourself to the Community

Resource: Course Map, Workbook and Exercise 1

A Short History of Branding

Video: The 5 Waves of Branding

Video: Wave 1: Brands as Quality and Consistency

Video: Wave 2: Anthropomorphized Brands

Video: Wave 3: Brands as Prestige

Video: Wave 4: Experience Brands

Video: Wave 5: Limbic Brands

Video: Wave 5: Individuals and Tribes

Video: Social Media Backlash

Video: What the Best Brands Need to Do Now

Quiz: The Best Brands Today

Exercise: Frame Your Brand Challenge

Debbie's 5 Steps for Developing a Brand

Video: Step 1: Understand the Need for Your Brand

Video: On Strategy

Quiz: Strategic Reason for Being

Video: Step 2: Get Input From Your Potential Audience

Video: On Research

Quiz: Research

Video: Step 3: Position Your Brand in the Marketplace

Video: Develop a Brand Positioning Statement

Quiz: Brand Positioning

Video: Steps 4 and 5: Bring Your Brand to Life and Market

Video: Brands for Social Change

Video: Case Study: The No More Campaign

Video: Framework Applied to No More Campaign

Video: What to Keep in Mind When Developing a Brand

Exercise: Check the first 3 Steps of Debbie's Framework to Build a Great Brand

Speak the Language of Brands

Video: Brand Equity

Quiz: Brand Equity

Video: Brand Evolution

Quiz: Brand Evolution

Video: Brand Architecture

Video: The Difference Between Branding, Marketing, and PR

Mike Bainbridge on Research for Branding

Video: How Mike got into Brand Strategy

Video: Conducting Qualitative Research

Video: Conducting Quantitative Research

Quiz: Conducting Qualitative or Quantitative Research

Video: Structuring Questions

Video: Doing Diagnostic Research

Video: Doing Projective Research

Quiz: Diagnostic vs. Projective Research

Video: Researching for Social Change

Video: Focus Groups

Video: Moderating Focus Groups

Video: Mapping the Experience Journey

Video: Preparing Research Materials

Video: Screener Example

Video: Discussion Guide Example

Video: Creating Stimulus for Research

Video: Diagnostic Research Example

Video: Projective Research Example

Video: Qualitative Data Analysis

Video: Quantitative Data analysis

Video: The Creative Brief

Video: Identifying Core Values

Video: Discovering Target Customers

Quiz: Values and Target Customers

Video: When Research Goes Wrong

Video: Using Research to Innovate

Video: Research for Social Change

Video: Emotional Connection to Brand

Brian Collins on Brand Mission and Positioning

Video: How Brian Started in Branding

Video: Anticipating Needs

Quiz: Brand Design

Video: On Branded Content

Video: On Storytelling

Video: On Archetypes

Video: The Dove Campaign

Video: Branding for Legacy and Startup Businesses

Video: Branding Climate Protection

Video: Design for Change

Video: Branding for Social Entrepreneurs

Original Champions of Design on Rebranding and Visual Expression

Video: The Meaning of Branding for OCD

Video: Branding for Non-Profits and For-Profits

Video: Case Study: The Girl Scouts of the USA

Video: Rebranding

Quiz: Rebranding

Video: Positioning

Video: Building Trust Within the Organization

Quiz: Building Trust in a Rebranding Process

Video: Research

Video: Interviewing Extremes

Video: The Creative Brief

Video: Design

Quiz: From Brand Research to Design

Video: Iteration

Video: Implementation

Video: Brand Launch

Video: Rebranding for a Social Cause

Exercise: Apply the First 3 Steps of Debbie's Framework to Build a Great Brand

Branding for Social Change

Branding for Social Entrepreneurs

Resources on Branding

Closing Words

Exercise: Reflect on Your View of Branding

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"This course is an entire journey through how Branding supports organizations in fulfilling their missions. I really like the interviews because they put on the table relevant insights of the processes and the importance for social change. Highly recommended!"


Course Description

Debbie Millman and a handful of other branding experts will teach you how to build a brand that people immediately pay attention to and identify with. This course guides you through the foundations of branding for social change and walks you through a five-step framework for developing your own purpose-driven brand.

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the Instructors

Debbie Millman


Brian Collins

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of COLLINS

Bobby Martin

Co-founder of branding agency Original Champions of Design (OCD)

the Instructors

Debbie Millman


Brian Collins

Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of COLLINS

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